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Draw for Championship Round of 2020 NZ Junior Fall Tournament on 20th of September

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Draw for Championship Round of 2020 NZ Junior Fall Tournament on 6th of September at Windross Farm Golf Course

11:00am Emerald Course Johnny Zhou

Ishaan Shah

Bella Zhong (Girl, Red Tee)

11:10am Emerald Course Gabriel Zhao

Lewis Qin

James Ge

11:20am Emerald Course Daniel Yao

Andy Cheng

Jas Zhan

11:30am Red Course Queenie Lang

Yuri Lee

Juwon Kim

11:40am Red Course Hope Wang

Victoria Xin

Lulu Lang

As there are restrictions on mass gathering under Alert Level 2, for the event on 6th of September, please follow up the below important things:

1. Players and caddies should arrive 10 minutes before tee off, to avoid lots of groups gathering there; 2. Every group will be less than 3 players and 3 caddies. 3. No swapping of scorecards, but players must record the scores of someone else and yours in your group, and strongly recommend to check scores every hole with your group members before next hole started; 4. Pins/Flags must be left in the hole at all times. All bunkers are to be treated as GUR, and compulsory drop must not be nearest to green. 5. After finishing 18 holes, please submit the score cards to organizer directly and leave golf course straight away, the results will be posted on Website, facebook, email and wechat. 6. The players will receive their trophies, medals and prizes when they arrive for next event. 7. Please try and keep 2 meters distance from other players and caddies in your group.

8. "Gimmie Rule" - A players ball is holed with the next stroke if it is within 12 inches(30cm) of the hole (which is just over the length of a standard putter grip).

Keep safe!

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